Alberta PCAP Refresher Training

The individual refresher training is a series of self-directed modules that reviews the information in the PCAP 3-Day Core Training. There are ten modules that cover PCAP foundational theory, mentor tasks and best practices, paper work, safety, and Penelope. A completion certificate will be sent to the participant upon the completion of all the modules, quizzes, and written responses.

The completion of the in person 3-Day Core Training is a pre-requisite to taking the online refresher training. It is suggested by the Alberta PCAP Council that the refresher training be taken 12-18 months after the initial 3-Day Core Training.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Introduction and Outline

    2. A note on the language

    1. Learning Objectives

    2. The PCAP Model

    3. Core Components

    4. Participant Characteristics

    1. Prevention Conversation

    2. Harm Reduction

    3. Treatment Options

    4. Service Planning for Treatment Centres

    1. Family Planning

    2. Birth Control Methods

    1. Module 1 Quiz

    2. Module 1 written assignment

    1. Learning Objectives

    2. Primary Mentor Tasks and Best Practices

    3. Working with Legal Issues

    4. Working with Health Issues

    5. Transportation

    6. PCAP Experience Interview

    7. The Difference Game

About this course

  • $125.00
  • 10 Modules
  • Original training videos